Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trish from Marvel vs Capcom 3

I am going to try to make this as concise a walk through as I possibly can, but I am kind of ADD so let's get this started! lol!

Let's start from the top!

Ordered from Shopping where they sell wigs and shoes. The wig is the Nicole model in the colors H24/613.
 The only thing I did with the wig is straighten it on a low setting with my straightener (it got a bit kinked during shipping). The fibers of the wig do not tolerate high heat. So if you try to straighten it, use a straightener with settings, and use the lowest setting so as not to ruin the fibers of the wig. If you do not have a straightener with multiple settings, then do not try to straighten the wig. Warning issued. Moving on.

The material I used for the choker, corset, gauntlets, and belt is a pliable pleather material. I purchased at Joann's crafts store. I purchased between 2 1/2 and 3 yards of this fabric. As a side note: when working with pleather it is always best to fold over the edges and be careful with stitching and holes. Pleather like to rip through holes and make bigger holes and tear along lines that you have cut into the material, such as where I fed through the harness on Dante's jacket. But that is another blog that will come in a few days. On to Trish.


The choker is about 1/2 an inch in width with the edges folded under on all sides so as not to show any of the raw backing. It is simply sewn and Velcro added to close the choker. Easy!


Now it gets a bit more complicated. With a little help from another person, we wrapped the pleather around my forearms for a measurement. I then cut it out leaving a bit of extra material so that I could fold over the edges so that the raw backside wasn't showing. I folded along the top and bottom line first and then down the length where the zipper would go. I then hand sewed the zipper in and closed off the other end at the base of the zipper. Sounds like it would only take an hour but it ended up taking me probably 3 hours on each arm. Hand sewing zippers in sucks... Anyways, here are the pictures!


Okay... Now it gets just down right complicated lol! For the corset, since I couldn't find an exact pattern since there are no patterns with lightening bolts cut out of the chest of the corsets. I took a pattern, seen here:

I made the pattern in the corset labeled B, which in the picture is the silver and black one all the way to the right and the one the girl is wearing. So here we go. I made the corset out of cloth and out of pleather.

Then I took the cloth one and put it on. I drew out, with sharpie, about where the cuts would need to be made to fashion the corset into the way it was supposed to look.

I then cut the cloth corset where I had marked with the sharpie and hemmed the edges.

Once I had the cloth one cut out and hemmed I over laid it onto the pleather one and traced the cloth one onto the pleather, kind of like a custom pattern. Once I transferred the cloth pattern to the pleather, I cut the pleather one down to match the cloth one.

I started with the front of the corset first. I cut the whole piece in half creating the lightening bolt and sewed the bottom part back together. I then pieced it to the back. I would suggest lining the corset since most pleather material has a rough backing to it. I forgot to line it before I put it together so I had to pull the whole corset apart and line it and then put it back together. So I would do that before you even put the pieces of the corset together the first time.

This is the corset put together with the back and pinned to the bra that would eventually go into the corset.
Then I hemmed off the edges with additional pleather. This is a bit complicated to explain without being right there showing you. Basically I took a long strip of pleather sewed along the long side and then folded and sewed off one of the shorter ends. I then pinned it to the corset and sewed it onto the corset. Like this:

I did this along the bottom edge all the way around and along the top edge all the way around. The lightening bolt I hand sewed without this trim. I felt that the pleather was already stressed enough without putting more holes into it. I then put tulle into the lightening bolt (a suggestion from AllieCat! Thanks!) to keep the fabric from pulling away from my body. I then hand sewed the zipper into the corset. The zipper took a few hours but not too difficult.

As the final step in the corset, I tacked the bra in. I sewed across the top of the bra from the snap in the middle of the breasts (it's one of those bras that snaps in between the breasts and has a racer back) to where the straps of the bra were. I sewed the top of the back of the bra into the corset and then cut the straps out, which proved to be a bad idea. As a result I had to add loops through which I could hook a clear bra strap. I ran the clear bra strap around the back of my neck and covered it with my hair.


I was trying to make a pair of pleather pants to go with the cosplay but I did not get to finish them before AWA. The pants I did end up with are a pair of metallic stretch skinny pants. I can't call them jeans because they are not the jean material. They work very well in the pictures with the corset and accessories.

The Belt:

The belt is a regular belt I had laying around that I wrapped in black pleather. 2DLogic spray painted the two belt buckles silver and then I attached them to the belt. Easy!
See pictures below for the results!

The Boots:

The boots were a lucky find at DSW. The original boots I was going to get did not have the belt buckle that the ones I ended up with do but they work just as well with the buckle as with out.

That is basically the whole cosplay! And here are the finishing photos!

Photo by Fanboy Photos
I am also posing with 2DLogic in most of these pictures and I will be doing a write up on his cosplay as well!
Photo taken by Fanboy Photos
Photo taken by Fanboy Photos
Photo taken by Fanboy Photos

The weapons were made by 2DLogic Props! If you have any questions about the costume or the weapons, just leave me a comment or email me! Thank you 2DLogic for the weapons! And thank you for reading this blog!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trish Wig has arrived!

I was originally going to use my own hair for this cosplay. Unfortunately, since I did Crimson Viper before and I had to bleach all the red out it has caused my hair to start breaking off. Sooooo, I found a wig that I can use for Trish! Here's some photos:

The wig needs to be straightened a bit. It got slightly kinked in shipping so that's why I am holding it in one picture and I have it pinned in another. I got it from on the wig shop. It's the Nicole wig in H24/613. The wig is fairly high quality and the color is good! I'm excited to try some more of their wigs on other cosplays that I'm planning to do. They also have a lot of color selections.

I'm going to try to have the whole cosplay finished and upload photos this weekend!

AWA! 10 days and counting! Here we come AWA!

Monday, September 19, 2011

AWA Update!

Dante and Trish are coming along nicely! I will be posting a full update with pictures for each as soon as I can! Sorry for the wait! 11 days and counting! Here comes AWA!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Trish Cosplay

I am currently working on Trish from Marvel v Capcom 3.
The boots are bought from a store. I haven't learned how to make shoes and really have no wish to either lol!

I realize that Trish's boots do not have the belt around the heel. There were a pair of these boots with no belt and I had every intention of getting those. But when I went on the website to buy them 2 days after finding them, they were sold out! I nearly had a heart attack. But then I found these and frankly, they work. So these are to be the Trish boots.

The Corset is in the works. I first made a cloth mock up so that I could get the correct angles and measurements on everything for the pleather.
Once I got the cloth one finished, I used it as a template for the pleather. The pleather I only have 3 yards of so I was trying to be careful and only use as much as I absolutely needed. I cut out the corset just like the cloth one by pattern of a generic corset.

After modifying the cloth one by cutting and hemming and overall just trying to make it look like Trish's corset. I layed the modified cloth corset over the pleather one and marked with sharpies where to cut for the same look.

I then sewed the back and the front of the pleather corset together. I am currently working on adding a bra to the inside, sizing, and heming the corset so it has a clean finish.
I"ve made the lightening bolt a little longer and I am working on sewing the bra in now. Once it's sewn in, I am going to fit it to size and add the zipper. Then it's just finishing up the hemming to make it look pretty and it will be done!

Then it will be on to the pants. I am not excited about making a pair of pleather pants. So I've thought of looking around in stores to see if I can find a pair. If I can't find any that hold up to my standards of Trishness, I'll just make them! lol!

I am also going to start on the pleather pieces on Trish's forearms and the choker. But hopefully, they won't be any problem. I'll let you know how it goes!

Pink Panda

Friday, August 19, 2011

Crimson Viper Cosplay

I did Crimson Viper from Super Street Fighter 4 for AWA 2010. The cosplay was basically a closet cosplay where my closet didn't contain any of the pieces of the costume except the boots!
This costume is probably one of my favorite ones.
The Shirt: I found in a store. It was originally gray. I covered it in an old white button up shirt and added a collar to it to make it correct for Viper.
The Tie: I found at the same store as the jacket and pants. I love that store!
The Jacket: I actually found out shopping once again. It was perfect the way it was.
The Pants: Slacks that I found at the same time as the jacket and tailored to fit like Viper's pants.
The Boots: A pair I had laying around in my closet. The bottom of the boots were already red and I just extended the red color around the heel like Viper's boots.
The Glasses: A pair of safety glasses that my boyfriend happened to have just laying around. We painted the bridge of the glasses.
The Gloves: A pair of black polyester gloves I had laying around. I cut the holes in the backs, then we used a silver sharpie to outline where the sliver should be and used a sliver paint marker for a raised look. Originally I was going to actually use something else for the metal parts on the gloves but I ran out of time.
The Hair: Possibly the most trying and difficult part of this costume. It is a combination of my hair (shoulder length) and braid in extensions. I am not fond of wigs, they never look quite right to me, so I decided to grow my hair out as much as I could before the con and do extensions. It ended up turning out really well. The extensions are by twos down the middle of the scalp and then pulled up and back with my hair into a classic french braid. Under the part of the braid on the top of the head is a thick piece of fabric pinned in so that the braid would be thicker to match the rest of it. Then TONS of gel and hairspray to maintain the look. Most of the shots taken are on the second day after I had already slept with the braid in. I'm amazed it lasted through the night! lol! My hair was literally like plastic once all the gel and hairspray had dried.
In total the costume took probably two months to finish.

I am going to add pictures in a bit.
This is the costume on

Found the pictures on my hard drive!
Here they are!
Crimson Viper Headshot
Crimson Viper
Crimson Viper Seismic Hammer
Crimson Viper Casual - Also a good shot of the hair!

The Cosplayness!

Hi there!

This is a blog to show the cosplay that 2D Logic and I do every year for our cons. I am pretty much the sewing side while he and his friends are the weaponry side!
In this blog I am hoping to show all the cosplay costumes that we do and give explanations on how we create the costumes. This will be on the fabric side only. If you are looking for the weaponry follow the link to 2D Logic Props!
I will be posting updates on how we do each costume, progress pictures, and finished photos. There will be a comprehensive blog for each costume but I'm thinking I will probably be posting randomly about the things I am currently working on! I hope this proves to be something more than just a way for me to keep my sanity while busting out cosplay costumes! So, here we go!

Pink Panda