Monday, August 22, 2011

Trish Cosplay

I am currently working on Trish from Marvel v Capcom 3.
The boots are bought from a store. I haven't learned how to make shoes and really have no wish to either lol!

I realize that Trish's boots do not have the belt around the heel. There were a pair of these boots with no belt and I had every intention of getting those. But when I went on the website to buy them 2 days after finding them, they were sold out! I nearly had a heart attack. But then I found these and frankly, they work. So these are to be the Trish boots.

The Corset is in the works. I first made a cloth mock up so that I could get the correct angles and measurements on everything for the pleather.
Once I got the cloth one finished, I used it as a template for the pleather. The pleather I only have 3 yards of so I was trying to be careful and only use as much as I absolutely needed. I cut out the corset just like the cloth one by pattern of a generic corset.

After modifying the cloth one by cutting and hemming and overall just trying to make it look like Trish's corset. I layed the modified cloth corset over the pleather one and marked with sharpies where to cut for the same look.

I then sewed the back and the front of the pleather corset together. I am currently working on adding a bra to the inside, sizing, and heming the corset so it has a clean finish.
I"ve made the lightening bolt a little longer and I am working on sewing the bra in now. Once it's sewn in, I am going to fit it to size and add the zipper. Then it's just finishing up the hemming to make it look pretty and it will be done!

Then it will be on to the pants. I am not excited about making a pair of pleather pants. So I've thought of looking around in stores to see if I can find a pair. If I can't find any that hold up to my standards of Trishness, I'll just make them! lol!

I am also going to start on the pleather pieces on Trish's forearms and the choker. But hopefully, they won't be any problem. I'll let you know how it goes!

Pink Panda

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