Monday, August 22, 2011

Trish Cosplay

I am currently working on Trish from Marvel v Capcom 3.
The boots are bought from a store. I haven't learned how to make shoes and really have no wish to either lol!

I realize that Trish's boots do not have the belt around the heel. There were a pair of these boots with no belt and I had every intention of getting those. But when I went on the website to buy them 2 days after finding them, they were sold out! I nearly had a heart attack. But then I found these and frankly, they work. So these are to be the Trish boots.

The Corset is in the works. I first made a cloth mock up so that I could get the correct angles and measurements on everything for the pleather.
Once I got the cloth one finished, I used it as a template for the pleather. The pleather I only have 3 yards of so I was trying to be careful and only use as much as I absolutely needed. I cut out the corset just like the cloth one by pattern of a generic corset.

After modifying the cloth one by cutting and hemming and overall just trying to make it look like Trish's corset. I layed the modified cloth corset over the pleather one and marked with sharpies where to cut for the same look.

I then sewed the back and the front of the pleather corset together. I am currently working on adding a bra to the inside, sizing, and heming the corset so it has a clean finish.
I"ve made the lightening bolt a little longer and I am working on sewing the bra in now. Once it's sewn in, I am going to fit it to size and add the zipper. Then it's just finishing up the hemming to make it look pretty and it will be done!

Then it will be on to the pants. I am not excited about making a pair of pleather pants. So I've thought of looking around in stores to see if I can find a pair. If I can't find any that hold up to my standards of Trishness, I'll just make them! lol!

I am also going to start on the pleather pieces on Trish's forearms and the choker. But hopefully, they won't be any problem. I'll let you know how it goes!

Pink Panda

Friday, August 19, 2011

Crimson Viper Cosplay

I did Crimson Viper from Super Street Fighter 4 for AWA 2010. The cosplay was basically a closet cosplay where my closet didn't contain any of the pieces of the costume except the boots!
This costume is probably one of my favorite ones.
The Shirt: I found in a store. It was originally gray. I covered it in an old white button up shirt and added a collar to it to make it correct for Viper.
The Tie: I found at the same store as the jacket and pants. I love that store!
The Jacket: I actually found out shopping once again. It was perfect the way it was.
The Pants: Slacks that I found at the same time as the jacket and tailored to fit like Viper's pants.
The Boots: A pair I had laying around in my closet. The bottom of the boots were already red and I just extended the red color around the heel like Viper's boots.
The Glasses: A pair of safety glasses that my boyfriend happened to have just laying around. We painted the bridge of the glasses.
The Gloves: A pair of black polyester gloves I had laying around. I cut the holes in the backs, then we used a silver sharpie to outline where the sliver should be and used a sliver paint marker for a raised look. Originally I was going to actually use something else for the metal parts on the gloves but I ran out of time.
The Hair: Possibly the most trying and difficult part of this costume. It is a combination of my hair (shoulder length) and braid in extensions. I am not fond of wigs, they never look quite right to me, so I decided to grow my hair out as much as I could before the con and do extensions. It ended up turning out really well. The extensions are by twos down the middle of the scalp and then pulled up and back with my hair into a classic french braid. Under the part of the braid on the top of the head is a thick piece of fabric pinned in so that the braid would be thicker to match the rest of it. Then TONS of gel and hairspray to maintain the look. Most of the shots taken are on the second day after I had already slept with the braid in. I'm amazed it lasted through the night! lol! My hair was literally like plastic once all the gel and hairspray had dried.
In total the costume took probably two months to finish.

I am going to add pictures in a bit.
This is the costume on

Found the pictures on my hard drive!
Here they are!
Crimson Viper Headshot
Crimson Viper
Crimson Viper Seismic Hammer
Crimson Viper Casual - Also a good shot of the hair!

The Cosplayness!

Hi there!

This is a blog to show the cosplay that 2D Logic and I do every year for our cons. I am pretty much the sewing side while he and his friends are the weaponry side!
In this blog I am hoping to show all the cosplay costumes that we do and give explanations on how we create the costumes. This will be on the fabric side only. If you are looking for the weaponry follow the link to 2D Logic Props!
I will be posting updates on how we do each costume, progress pictures, and finished photos. There will be a comprehensive blog for each costume but I'm thinking I will probably be posting randomly about the things I am currently working on! I hope this proves to be something more than just a way for me to keep my sanity while busting out cosplay costumes! So, here we go!

Pink Panda