Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cosplayness!

Hi there!

This is a blog to show the cosplay that 2D Logic and I do every year for our cons. I am pretty much the sewing side while he and his friends are the weaponry side!
In this blog I am hoping to show all the cosplay costumes that we do and give explanations on how we create the costumes. This will be on the fabric side only. If you are looking for the weaponry follow the link to 2D Logic Props!
I will be posting updates on how we do each costume, progress pictures, and finished photos. There will be a comprehensive blog for each costume but I'm thinking I will probably be posting randomly about the things I am currently working on! I hope this proves to be something more than just a way for me to keep my sanity while busting out cosplay costumes! So, here we go!

Pink Panda

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